TKI258 plays an r Within the alignment of homologous chromosomes

We report TKI258 here for the first time that the three colleagues AURK localized to different structures in the egg w During meiotic maturation. Gem Yao et al. we found AURKA on pins at the Met I and Met II, however, we have not found in the core of AURKA GV oocytes intact. Instead AURKA co MTOCs localized F Rbeeigenschaften intact GV oocytes in GVBD and then ? end and tubulin in p Zone I of the Met and Met II Zus Tzlich AURKA was in the middle of K W rpers Telo while I can find, since our data was immunocytochemistry endogenous AURKA also confirms best Found identical with a GFP tag AURKA, k These differences reflect differences in fixation techniques and / or sources AURKA antique body. We also have for the first time the localization of GFP-tagged and AURKB AURKC indicate endogenous and GFP-tagged AURKC.
Locate anything similar to its localization in the mitotic cells, AURKB the chromosomes and is specifically enriched at kinetochores I Met, suggesting that it plays an r Within the alignment of homologous chromosomes. Interestingly AURKB not found on chromosomes or kinetochores at the Met II, more than mitotic division, where the separation of sister chromatids. Epothilone B However, it was in the middle of the time I find Ana and AURKA as the center of the K to Rpers, w While I Telo, suggesting that both AURKA and AURKB participate in asymmetric cell division w During the formation of the first Polk body. AURKC, the rst Was identified as a homolog of the testis-specific in mouse on chromosomes, including centromeres, is Met meets both I and II.
This chromosomal location’s observed similar in cancer cell lines that express the aberrant AURKC. It has been proposed that overlapping functions AURKB and rescues in mitosis AURKC expression AURKC AURKB depleted cells. However, Met enrichment and enrichment AURKC AURKB to kinetochores on chromosomes where I suggest that they regulate different aspects of the alignment of homologous chromosomes and segregation w During the first meiotic division. This hypothesis is also consistent with our data shows that the overexpression of AURKB not give AURKC, I Met saves misaligned chromosomes in oocytes treated ZM447439. Furthermore, the absence of kinetochores support AURKB the Met II an r AURKC the only alignment and sister chromatid segregation during the second meiotic division.
Generation of M usen Where either AURKB specifically in the egg cell or AURKC Help l Sen the unique properties of each of these meiotic AURKs. We found that the treatment of mouse oocytes with ZM447439, an Aurora kinase inhibitor pan slows down the growth and st Rt meiotic chromosome alignment in a way concentrationdependent, the best results of a previous study CONFIRMS. Our data extend these studies found that Aurora kinase activity t Ben for chromosome orientation at once CONFIRMS and I met II Met also exhibits the distance ZM447439 culture medium after 10 hours, the alignment of chromosomes I Met but prevents eggs reach Met II is even more important, we found that the over expression of GFP AURKB but not AURKA GFP or GFP AURKC, save the displacement of the chromosomes at the Met I, a result that is consistent with the conclusion that the phenotype seen in mitotic cells treated ZM447439 AURKB AURKA not.

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