It is not unreasonable to expect that GTE could reduce the frequency the severity

The Institutional Review Board of the Massachusetts General Hospital approved the treatment protocol. After the rst pulse thera the mother thought that he was crawling and moving more than before. Howev there was no return of speech Lapatinib and no objective improvement in motor exam. He continued to deteriorate with frequent muscle spas worsening Polydatin inhibitor spastici and cortical sting bilaterally. On brain M there was no reduction in contrast enhanceme and the leading edge of the lesion continued to advance . The patient died months after the last pulse therapy of cyclophosphami and methylprednisolone. Figure FLAIR images before and after treatment. Postcontrast images showing the advancing front of the lesion. Neuropediatrics Vol. 3 No. 2 Downloaded by: NYU. ed material.
LOGSDON these metabolites plays a role in CPinduced malformations . Free radicals or ROS are byproducts of the breakdown of many drugs . For a thorough review of ROS generati see Hansen . An overabundance of ROS in the body causes a condition known as oxidative stress . The exposure of the embryo or fetus to ROS is normally carefully timed so that exposure occurs when Shikimate 138590 antioxidant levels are also hi potentially decreasing the duration of the ROS signal and enabling the cell to repair damage to its DNA . Howev exposure to excessive levels of ROS without suf ient antioxidant presence can cause brain and spinal cord defec embryonic dea or skeletal malformations . Oxidative stress can be prevented by antioxidants known to be effective in vitro for protection against conditions associated with oxidative damage through radical scavenging .
Some antioxidan such as glutathione and melaton are produced in the body; howev ma such as vitamins C and E, are obtained through dietary supplements or food . In recent yea GTE has gained mainstream attention for its antiin mmato antibacteri antioxidati antivir and neuroprotective buy Dihydroquercetin effects. The healthpromoting effects of GTE have largely been attributed to its high concentration of polypheno particularly vano which represent 0 of its dry leaf weig and many of the benes are attributed to the most abundant catech . The chemicalposition of green tea isplex. The major vonoids of green tea are various catechi which are found in greater amounts in green tea than in either black or oolong tea . Green tea contains catechi EG , and gallocatechin gallate .
The gallic acid ester EGCG is present in the highest concentrati prising over 1 of the epicatechin derivatives by dry leaf weight. Caffeine makes up an additional , along with trace amounts of theophylli theobromi and an amino acid unique to t theanine fertilization . The antioxidant defense system includes enzymes such as superoxide dismutase and catalase . These agents are key elements in reducing molecular damage by ROS . Intake of GTE increases the activity of SOD in ser the expression of catalase in the aor and total plasma antioxidant activity in rat and these enzymes are implicated in protection against ROS . Malondialdehy an oxidative stress mark has also been observed to decrease in concentration following intake of GTE by rats . It is not unreasonable to expect that GTE could reduce the frequency and/or the severity of fetal abnormalities induced by a teratogen.

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