Conflict of interest statement: L A B Camacho and M M Siqueira

Conflict of interest statement: L.A.B. Camacho and M.M. Siqueira are researchers in FIOCRUZ and collaborate in several research projects sponsored by Bio-Manguinhos, the manufacturer of the yellow fever vaccines. M.S. Freire, M.L.S. Maia, A.M.Y. Yamamura, R.M. Martins and M.L.F. Leal are

employees of Bio-Manguinhos. All authors have approved the final article. Funding: National Immunization Program, Ministry of Health; Fundação Oswaldo Cruz-FIOCRUZ; CNPq (Brazilian National Research Council); Local and State Health Departments. “
“The authors regret that there were some errors in the text. In the second paragraph of page 2992, χ10015(pCD1Ap) (Pgm− ΔlpxP32::PlpxLlpxL) should read: χ10015(pCD1Ap) (ΔlpxP32::PlpxLlpxL). The authors wish to apologize Selumetinib for an omission in the Acknowledgements section. The Acknowledgements section should read as follows: The authors wish to thank Dr. C. Michael Reynolds for his valuable assistance in performing Mass spectra data (Fig. 2A and C), Dr. Susan selleck compound Straley for providing anti-YopM antibodies and Dr. Praveen Alamuri for his valuable assistance

in performing animal experiments. Conflict of interest: All authors declare none. Funding: This work was supported by National Institutes of Health grant 5R01 AI057885 to R.C. and by grant GM51310 to C.R.H.R. The mass spectrometry facility in the Department of Biochemistry of the Duke University Medical Center is supported by the LIPID MAPS Large why Scale Collaborative Grant number GM-069338 from NIH. “
“The authors regret that on page 1856 of the journal, there is a discrepancy between the explanation in the text and Fig. 1. The description in the text is correct while Fig. 1 is wrong. The problem in the figure pertains to the discrepancies in the duration of probiotics BBG-01/placebo and vaccine administration. The horizontal arrow should extend from day 14 to day 42 (in figure it now extends from day 14 to day 35 only).

In the last section of the figure, relating to the vaccine administration, the vertical arrows should point at day 21 and day 35 (in figure it points to day 14 and day 35). The correct version of Fig. 1 is reproduced below. The authors apologise for any inconvenience caused. “
“Diseases caused by Streptococcus pneumoniae are a major health problem. The World Health Organization has estimated that 1.6 million people die annually from pneumococcal disease. For individuals aged ≥65 years, the reported worldwide incidence of invasive pneumococcal disease (IPD) ranges from 24 to 85 per 100,000 persons [1]. As the treatment of pneumococcal disease is limited by the continuous increase in antimicrobial resistance of S. pneumoniae, vaccination is considered an important preventive strategy [1] and [2]. Currently, a 23-valent pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccine (PPV) is available for the protection of older persons against pneumococcal disease.

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