50, £750, £1500, £2500 Most regression coefficients moved in t

50, £7.50, £15.00, £25.00 Most regression coefficients moved in the expected direction indicating face validity of the DCE. For example, to manage flu-like symptoms, respondents preferred to pay less money and be served by friendly pharmacy staff (all other things

being equal). The most important attributes were staff training and gaining a better understanding of symptoms; respondents valued being served by trained staff (pharmacist or trained assistant) click here at over £13; having a better understanding of symptoms and their management was valued at around £18. Other statistically significant attributes were: the likelihood of getting parked (definite parking preferred selleck products to any uncertainty); location (shopping centre pharmacy least preferred); and being asked questions about symptoms and general health (respondents preferred to be questioned). In contrast to previous research2, waiting time before symptoms could be dealt with was not statistically significant. When managing flu-like

symptoms, cost, pharmacy location and staff attitudes influence customers’ choice of CP. However, consultations with trained staff that improve customers’ understanding of their condition are significantly more important. Optimizing staff training and communication skills, and raising awareness of the roles and capabilities of pharmacy staff, could encourage people to switch from medical

consultation to CP support when else managing minor ailments. A limitation of the study is the relatively small sample size. A larger study involving 1000 participants is planned to confirm generalisability of the findings. 1. Proprietary Association of Great Britain. Making the case for the self care of minor ailments. London: PAGB; 2009. 2. Porteous et al. Preferences for self-care or professional advice for minor illness; a discrete choice experiment. Br J Gen Pract 2007; 57: 911–917 Kandeel Aksa, Maria Allinson Keele University, Keele, Staffordshire, UK The current GPhC consultation on draft standards for registered pharmacies includes the requirement for safe and effective service delivery; this includes collection and delivery services.

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